My name is Valérie, nice to meet you! As a photographer I like to watch people, discover what their body language is telling me and hone in on their unique expressions. I use my perspective to capture people who are excited about what they do, love to move their bodies and use their minds. 

When I am not busy with my camera or editing you'll most likely find me snowboarding in the winter, biking in the summer or having a dance party with my DJ boyfriend. We love dancehall!

I love travelling and my most recent trip took me to New Zealand. Oliver and i bought a van and travelled the whole country over 7 months. We saw dolphins and seals, manta rays and pukeko. We lost our drone to a sea side cliff and ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. We met lots of interesting people and sampled homemade fruit wines. I am obsessed with Vogels bread and feijoa fruit now. 

Whitewater, BC