The best way I can think of to spend a day says a lot about me. Things start after a really good sleep. My partner, Oliver, and I first turn on some reggae and then turn on the stove. We share a homemade breakfast before walking to the beach, where we go for a nice surf and I catch a wave. [Insert afternoon couch nap here.] As time ambles on we don’t stray from home, opting instead to have friends and family over for dinner and drinks. The day ends much like it began, set to the sound of music (probably dancehall, because I’m obsessed). What I love about this dawn-to-dark cycle mirrors my favourite thing about photography: there is a delicate beauty to everything.


I’ve lived on both sides of the country. Originally from Ontario, I first landed in Vancouver while completing a ski resort management diploma, a program my mother had suggested since my university ambitions had yet to, um, materialize (but I did snowboard everyday!). I’ve had my passport stamped a bunch. Actually, the only thing I know for certain about my ten year plan is it includes two extended (escape from everything) trips. I’ve got no idea what my dream job is but it leaves a lot of space for creativity and no room for punching a clock.

In no particular order, here are some more things you might like to know about me. I stumbled into photography after buying a camera from an ex and then pressing the button myself. I enjoy a good book; The Brain That Changes Itself and Half of a Yellow Sun top my list. I wonder if a life without butter is one worth living. Curious, organized, reliable and trustworthy are words I use to describe myself, and I’m happy with that. I’m good at saving money is a believable lie I could tell you. Ten years ago I was in northern Alberta working on a commerce degree (I eventually found that scholarly ambition).

Whitewater, BC